Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

There is a great deal of respect for individuals who aspire to follow their dreams and create their own business. Statistically, most first time entrepreneurs don’t succeed. Reasons for failed businesses are plentiful, but there are the lucky few, who with a lot of diligence, research, and elbow grease make a successful business. Zachary Zaitzeff was one of these successful entrepreneurs who built a successful business for himself over a decade ago.

Zachary Zaitzeff has spent the earliest part of his working career in finance. He worked in New York City and while the dream of owning a restaurant was there, he remained employed as a financial professional until the New York City attack in 2001. After the heart of New York City was attacked on that fateful day of September 11th, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to leave finance and try his hand at entrepreneurship.

After a lot of research, creativity, and understanding a growing demand for organic food, Zachary Zaitzeff founded Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City. While there are plenty of burger restaurants to compete with, Zachary Zaitzeff offered customers a chance to eat healthy, organic foods. The restaurant was a success and has been feeding hungry New Yorkers delicious, organic food for more than ten years.

Today, Zachary Zaitzeff stands among the various successful entrepreneurs in New York City. His hard work paid off and now the dedicated businessman has been able to provide for his family doing what he loves. The success of Zaitzeff Burgers continues to keep Zachary Zaitzeff busy. He must continually work on his menu, work on new financial goals, and maintain expertise in his field. With an ever growing number of organic restaurants, Zachary Zaitzeff has more competition than ever. However, he is well established and Zachary Zaitzeff has the knowledge and experience to lead his business’ growth.


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