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Financial Professional to Entrepreneur: Zachary Zaitzeff

There is a great deal of respect for individuals who aspire to follow their dreams and create their own business. Statistically, most first time entrepreneurs don’t succeed. Reasons for failed businesses are plentiful, but there are the lucky few, who with a lot of diligence, research, and elbow grease make a successful business. Zachary Zaitzeff was one of these successful entrepreneurs who built a successful business for himself over a decade ago.

Zachary Zaitzeff has spent the earliest part of his working career in finance. He worked in New York City and while the dream of owning a restaurant was there, he remained employed as a financial professional until the New York City attack in 2001. After the heart of New York City was attacked on that fateful day of September 11th, Zachary Zaitzeff decided to leave finance and try his hand at entrepreneurship.

After a lot of research, creativity, and understanding a growing demand for organic food, Zachary Zaitzeff founded Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City. While there are plenty of burger restaurants to compete with, Zachary Zaitzeff offered customers a chance to eat healthy, organic foods. The restaurant was a success and has been feeding hungry New Yorkers delicious, organic food for more than ten years.

Today, Zachary Zaitzeff stands among the various successful entrepreneurs in New York City. His hard work paid off and now the dedicated businessman has been able to provide for his family doing what he loves. The success of Zaitzeff Burgers continues to keep Zachary Zaitzeff busy. He must continually work on his menu, work on new financial goals, and maintain expertise in his field. With an ever growing number of organic restaurants, Zachary Zaitzeff has more competition than ever. However, he is well established and Zachary Zaitzeff has the knowledge and experience to lead his business’ growth.


A Switch in Careers: Zachary Zaitzeff

People from New York City may recognize the name Zachary Zaitzeff. He is the founder and owner of Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City. The organic burger restaurant was founded more than a decade ago when Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open a restaurant to satisfy the demands of a growing restaurant niche. Now, organic restaurants are increasingly popular and bring in billions of dollars throughout the United States each year.

Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Zachary Zaitzeff worked in the finance industry. He was a hard working professional dedicated to his work. Zachary Zaitzeff decided to switch careers after New York was devastated by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. At a time where many were fearful and timid, Zachary Zaitzeff was eager to start anew and demonstrate his strength of character.

Zachary Zaitzeff put together his business plan for opening his restaurant. Like any good entrepreneur should do, Zachary Zaitzeff had to research the industry, find a good location for his restaurant, build a strong team to help his restaurant succeed, and become an expert on the organic industry. Due to the nature of his work, Zachary Zaitzeff had to develop strong working relationships with organic growers and farmers. Having a consistent source for organic produce and meat was essential for the success of his organic burger restaurant.

Zachary Zaitzeff is glad he switched careers. While working in finance allowed Zachary Zaitzeff to provide for his family, he is thrilled to have gone into business for himself. Now, he is a well known restaurant owner with a loyal customer base. He provides customers with the tastiest organic burgers in town. For people unfamiliar with organic dining, Zachary Zaitzeff tells them to be prepared to pay more for the food. It costs more to buy organic and therefore organic dining costs more than conventional dining.

Recreation Time Enjoyed by Zachary Zaitzeff

Located in New York is a man of many talents by the name of Zachary Zaitzeff. He is a family man with a strong love for his family. His family supports him in all he does and he works equally hard to support their health, happiness, and future. Zachary Zaitzeff enjoys creative activities insight and outside his home. He has two main hobbies; painting and mountain climbing.

Zachary Zaitzeff loves to paint. Many people have recognized his creative abilities and he applies them to nearly every aspect of his life. In New York, many people have come to recognize Zachary Zaitzeff’s name in the local artistic community. A number of his paintings have been displayed in art galleries scattered across New York City. Seeing his art appreciated and critiqued in local galleries encourages Zachary Zaitzeff to paint more and artistically express himself on canvas.

Zachary Zaitzeff is also a fan of the outdoors. He is an avid mountain climber and enjoys pushing himself to his physical limits and demonstrating his capabilities as an outdoorsman. He spends many hours mountain climbing when the conditions are favorable. Zachary Zaitzeff is open for a good challenge too. Zachary Zaitzeff was able to put himself to the ultimate mountain climbing test when he successfully climbed Mount Everest.

Zachary Zaitzeff enjoys spending time with his family, panting, and mountain climbing. As fun as it is to get lost in creativity or physical activity, Zachary Zaitzeff is also a professional businessman. A former financial professional in New York, Zachary Zaitzeff switched industries after September 11, 2001 to the food industry. It was with hope, determination, and a lot of hard work and diligence that Zachary Zaitzeff opened his own burger restaurant. It has been more than ten years now that Zachary Zaitzeff has operated his organic burger restaurant called Zaitzeff Burgers in New York City.

Organic Eating Supported by Zachary Zaitzeff

Zachary Zaitzeff owns a successful burger restaurant in the heart of New York City. As a former successful finance professional, Zachary Zaitzeff knew the strategic importance of researching his consumer base before developing a business plan and starting his company. Over a decade ago, Zachary Zaitzeff decided he would open up an organic burger restaurant, a chance that would ultimately pay off, even in a declining economy.

Zachary Zaitzeff decided to open an organic restaurant at a time when organic dining was just starting to take off. Eating healthy has always been important to Zachary Zaitzeff. As a family man, he values the benefits of healthy eating. New Yorkers value eating healthy and organically grown foods too, which is one of the reasons Zachary Zaitzeff’s burger restaurant has performed remarkably for the past decade.

Increasingly, people have been turning to organic food. Despite its increased cost, Zachary Zaitzeff believes the extra cost is well worth the heath benefit. To eat organic means to eat foods without synthetic fertilizer or other growing conditions people find unappetizing. Zachary Zaitzeff supported organic foods before opening his restaurant and since then, has been a proud supporter of organically grown foods. By buying organic produce and organic meat for his restaurant, Zachary Zaitzeff supports the organic growers and farmers both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Zachary Zaitzeff is proud to be part of the organic movement. His restaurant supplies customers with some of the best tasting burgers in New York City and customers have the benefit of eating organic. Since founding his organic burger restaurant, a number of other organic restaurants have popped up around New York City and across the United States. Zachary Zaitzeff provides New Yorkers with delicious organic burgers but now organic foods can be found across the food spectrum. Zachary Zaitzeff encourage organic eating at home and when eating out.

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