Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Zachary Zaitzeff has developed quite the reputation for himself as someone who is involved with his community at every level. From his restaurant in the heart of New York City to his charitable and philanthropic involvement on a smaller scale, Zachary Zaitzeff believes that community involvement is a worthy enterprise for any American, at any stage of life.

Although Zachary Zaitzeff was first called to community involvement in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, he believes that you need not wait for a national catastrophe to get involved with their community. In fact, Zachary Zaitzeff recommends that you start small with basic acts of community involvement.

If you have been looking for new and reasonable ways to become more involved with your community, take this advice from Zachary Zaitzeff:

  • Start small! Zachary Zaitzeff wholeheartedly believes that any act of charitable or philanthropic involvement is a good one, which is why he recommends that each and every one of you find small and manageable ways to become more involved with the community. Whether that means donating a bag of clothes or unused household items for a local charity or volunteering a small amount of time each month, any small effort can have a huge effect on your community.
  • Donate time if you have more money. Zachary Zaitzeff is quick to note that most community involvement organizations are more interested in the amount of time you can give to a given cause, as opposed to the amount of money. This is why he recommends that you donate as much time as you possibly can to a charitable or philanthropic organization of your choice.
  • Donate money if you have no time. Of course, Zachary Zaitzeff knows that many people do not have the time to donate to charitable organizations. This is why he is quick to remind everyone that charitable organizations always appreciate cash donations of any size.

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