Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Zachary Zaitzeff is one of those rare patriots that so firmly believes that the city of New York is the greatest city on the face of the planet that he is willing to tell anyone that he encounters that that is what he believes. Although Zachary Zaitzeff has always been a fan of New York City, it is only in the past decade that he truly committed himself to representing New York City in everything that he does.

Zachary Zaitzeff realized that he needed to stand up and represent New York after the tragic events of September 11 2001. Prior to the attack, Zachary Zaitzeff was working at as a successful member of the financial services sector. Though he enjoyed the benefits provided to him by that position, Zachary Zaitzeff long felt as though something was missing in his life.

When New York City was attacked by terrorists, Zachary Zaitzeff realized what he had to do. After realizing that his major calling in life would be to support the city of New York as it rebuilt from this horrible tragedy, Zachary Zaitzeff quit his lucrative job in financial services and threw himself entirely into the economic rebuilding of the city. While others would stand by quietly, Zachary Zaitzeff opened a restaurant in the heart of the city. Zachary Zaitzeff pledged this restaurant to the economic progress of the city. All ingredients are local and all profits are invested back in the New York economy.

Zachary Zaitzeff believes that patriotism is a duty to which all Americans are bound. To that end, Zachary Zaitzeff wholeheartedly believes that each and every American should do what they can to support their country in times of war and peace. Whether that means becoming more involved in charities or even just being more thoughtful in your business decisions, Zachary Zaitzeff encourages everyone to be as patriotic as possible.


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