Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Zachary Zaitzeff knows what it is like to have a passion for a hobby that requires an immense amount of planning as well as a great deal of free time and expendable income. When Zachary Zaitzeff needs to get out of the city and relax, he prefers to go mountain climbing.

Climbing Mountains

Zachary Zaitzeff knows that going on a mountain climbing expedition requires a great deal of prior planning. After you have gone through the process of planning your trip and the expedition it will include, it is time to begin packing. As Zachary Zaitzeff and many others know, packing for a mountain climbing expedition requires a ton of planning a good amount of disposable income.

If you are planning a mountain climbing expedition, take this advice from Zachary Zaitzeff, so that you can be appropriately prepared for your adventure:

  • Pack your equipment and make sure that it has been inspected. Zachary Zaitzeff underscores that it is incredibly important to get all of your equipment inspected prior to departing on your adventure. If your equipment is faulty, there could be deadly consequences.
  • Consider the climate and pack your clothing accordingly. Zachary Zaitzeff advises everyone to consider the climate and likely weather at their destination. Zachary Zaitzeff also recommends that you plan to layer clothing and change it multiple times throughout each day.
  • Think about your food, water and medical supplies. Zachary Zaitzeff cautions that many countries do not have the same food, water and medical amenities to which you are accustomed here in the United States. For that reason, you should plan to pack your own food and medical supplies and bring the proper equipment to make any water that you may encounter safe to consume.

Remember to have fun! Zachary Zaitzeff knows that many people get so caught up in the planning process that they forget to enjoy their trip.


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