Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner of Zaitzeff Burgers, a small business in the heart of New York City. Zaitzeff Burgers has locations in the Financial District and the Murray Hill-East Midtown area of Manhattan. Both branches of Zachary Zaitzeff’s restaurant are family-owned and operated. As a small business owner in a busy city, Zachary Zaitzeff has acquired a vast knowledge of ways to improve your small business.


  • Set Goals: Setting goals is the number one way to improve your small business simply because setting reasonable goals generally leads to achieving said goals. Set goals that are high yet still attainable. Next, brainstorm strategies of how to achieve those goals. Consult with your co-workers and staff on what they believe will be the most effective ways of achieving your goals. Finally, implement those strategies and pay attention to the results. If you need to, re-work the strategy and try again. Do not get discouraged by uncontrollable circumstances – work toward change that is within your reach.
  • Use Effective Marketing: Effective marketing can go a long way for a small business. While big corporations have the advantage of a recognizable and successful brand, small businesses will remain unknown without effective marketing strategies. Advertise and build a brand for yourself that will be spread through word of mouth by satisfied, loyal customers. However, do not waste time with excessive marketing that ends up unsuccessful. Do your research and prepare before beginning an advertising campaign.
  • Find What Works: Find the best practices for your small business. Making small changes to improve efficiency, motivate your staff, and save money add up to a much larger improvement for your business financially. All companies have ways of accomplishing tasks and functioning on a daily basis that are most effective, and as a small business owner, it is your responsibility to locate and implement those best practices.

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