Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Restaurant owner, artist, and mountain climber Zachary Zaitzeff is also a benevolent donor to charity. Zachary Zaitzeff regularly donates to a charity that supplies clean water to children in need. Zachary Zaitzeff has also sponsored mountaineers with the goal of helping others to experience the same sense of accomplishment he has felt when reaching the summit. Zachary Zaitzeff provides the following tips on how to choose a charity to support and why donating is important.


  • Choose a Charity that Aligns With Your Interests: Zachary Zaitzeff supports a charitable organization that provides clean water to children because he cares about the accessibility of food and water as a restaurant owner. In addition, Zachary Zaitzeff has sponsored mountain climbers because of his own passion for mountain climbing. Choose a charity that also reflects what you are passionate about. This will make you feel strongly about continuing your support and potentially getting more involved in the organization.
  • Make an Annual Donation: Signing up to make an annual donation makes donating to charity simple. It also helps retain your commitment to donating by creating an opt-out rather than opt-in situation. If you are already signed up to donate each year, it is unlikely that you will cancel, choose not to, or forget to make your donation. Furthermore, annual donations create a long-term connection between you and the charity. If you are a business owner, this connection could lead to collaboration that will both aid the charity and bring in more business.
  • Donate Because it is the Right Thing: Zachary Zaitzeff donates to charity because he believes it is the right thing to do. Helping others in need is something that will improve lives and make you feel good in doing so. Particularly for small business owners, being a known donor to charity also improves your reputation and will draw customers to your business because they too feel good about supporting a business that helps others.

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