Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Zachary Zaitzeff is a proud family man. Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner of Zaitzeff Burgers, which has been family-owned and operated since it was opened in 2003. While running a restaurant with one’s family may seem daunting, Zachary Zaitzeff enjoys working with his family on a daily basis to provide customers with excellent service and quality food. With the following tips from Zachary Zaitzeff, you too can make your family business a success.


  • Find Your Role: The most important first step in operating a family business is to clearly define everyone’s role at work. You may co-own the restaurant, but everyone needs to take on specific jobs in order to make sure that everything gets done, all customers are served, and each individual is held accountable for a specific task or section.
  • Discuss Money: Money can be an awkward subject to discuss with those you are close to, especially when it comes to co-owning a business. Zachary Zaitzeff’s main advice is simply to make a habit of discussing money seriously yet fairly. Be conscious of the opinions of other family members on how money should be divided, spent, and saved.
  • Communicate: Above all, communication is key to any working or family relationship. When combining the two, be sure to set rules about what can and cannot be discussed in the work place. Personal family problems or tensions should not be brought into the workplace. They can easily lead to unprofessional conduct, awkwardness, and even lost customers if the situation gets out of control. Setting guidelines will be a huge benefit, even if your family has never had a conflict. Furthermore, communication should be frequent, respectful, and clear. Letting small problems slide will eventually build up to larger frustrations. Discuss any issues at hand, but remember to be respectful of others’ opinions and clearly state your own.

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