Zachary Zaitzeff and Zaitzeff Burgers

Zachary Zaitzeff is the owner of Zaitzeff Burgers, a family-owned and operated hamburger restaurant with locations in the Financial District and the Murray Hill-East Midtown area of New York City. Zachary Zaitzeff’s restaurant is known for its quality burgers, made with grass-fed beef. Zaitzeff Burgers purchases this quality beef from small cooperatives in Washington and Oregon. Zaitzeff Burgers also uses local and organic ingredients, for which it has received rave reviews from customers and food critics. Zachary Zaitzeff feels strongly about using only the highest quality ingredients in his burgers, making them renowned for their excellence.

One of Zaitzeff Burgers’ most popular burgers is the Kobe Beef Burger. Kobe beef is considered a superior style of beef because of its flavor, tenderness, and texture. Another popular burger at Zaitzeff Burgers is the Sirloin Burger. Kobe Beef Burgers and Sirloin Burgers at Zaitzeff Burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, and sautéed onions on a Portuguese muffin. Kobe Beef Burgers at Zaitzeff Burgers have been consistently ranked as one of the best burgers in NYC. They are incredibly popular for their tenderness and flavor, as well as the level of detail paid to the quality of every ingredient used.

Zachary Zaitzeff is proud of Zaitzeff Burgers for both its quality burgers, made from the best organic, grass-fed beef and also for its superior customer service. As a family-owned and operated business, Zaitzeff Burgers has a family-friendly appeal and atmosphere. Zachary Zaitzeff’s restaurant has become widely popular since it was opened in 2003. Zachary Zaitzeff chose to open his first restaurant in the Financial District as an attempt to help rebuild the area in the wake of the tragedy on September 11th, 2001. Zaitzeff Burgers was quickly rated in 2004 as one of the 100 Best Place to Eat in New York City. Zaitzeff Burgers has rapidly risen to widespread popularity for its world-famous burgers.


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